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OnTrack Live


Parents and their kids connected and talking about their day at school using only emojis.For preschoolers to use while sitting in their Parent's lap...all the way to High School seniors on their phones keeping Mom & Dad in the loop.
Every day the app prompts the student to press a few emojis describing their day. If they don't sends them another message an hour later. If they still don't make an entry, the app messages the Parents.
Connected Parents are immediately messaged so they can see things like what they did, how they did, what homework they have or if they have tests or projects coming up.
If the app sees that the student struggled today, it automatically prompts the Parents with pre-made follow up messages they can send their child like "Let's talk about it tonight". If they did something amazing, the app draws the Parent's attention there as well.
To bring it all together, we use a Calendar like a fitness tracker to store all the information and see any trends at a glance.
OnTrack Live. Parents & Kids in sync.